Surveillance Systems
Safeguarding assets the smart way
Security Infrastructures Built Intelligently

When it comes to security, ill-advised choices can lead to substantial cost overruns and threaten the overall safety of your facilities. That is precisely why businesses that leave nothing to improvisation trust Innovitel‘s expertise in Surveillance Systems. For they know our track record proves we take security very seriously.


Unprecedented freedom, unequalled safety
Clients First
Seeing ourselves as partners in efficiency, we strive to serve our clients’ interests as if they were our own. Let’s say for instance that the majority of your monitoring devices were still fully functional and in good condition. Instead of replacing them with IP-cameras all at once, we would advise you to simply update the underlying coaxial system into an IP-based surveillance infrastructure. You would then not only substantially increase the lifespan of your legacy devices, but obtain as a result a far more flexible system for a fraction of the cost of a total overhaul.

We can add powerful features to your surveillance system — regardless of whether it is analog or IP-based — that will automatically perform advanced processing tasks such as detection of faces, movements, physical presence, abandoned objects, and much, much more. As an illustration, we could use a combination of such tools to create an intelligent event logging program with automatic topological mapping of premises, which would allow you to monitor the distribution of clients and/or staff across an entire floor!

Peace of mind
Through our signature VPN internet encryption and recommended software suites, you will have access to every surveillance feed from each of your business location right at your fingertips. Thus, monitoring your store will be as easy as reading an email on your favorite device. Indeed, by using any modern web browser — or one of the many mobile app solutions we offer — you would be able to keep a watchful eye on your assets, staff, and clients, at all times. Moreover, if you opted for some of the real-time, intelligent image processing add-ons mentioned above, an email and/or text message alert could be sent to you, and any staff of your choice, every time specific events are identified by the system.

Numerous Canadian stores rely on Innovitel for their Surveillance needs. They trust us with this most critical matter because they know we deliver nothing but the best services in the industry.