Single Sign-On Solutions
Leverage Enhanced Security and Productivity

Leveraging the power of Smart Cards or other PKI Tokens to enhance security and business productivity. Through our global partners Gemalto and Raak Technologies, we help you bring your Active Directory(AD) infrastructure to the next level and implement single sign-on solutions.

Laptops and mobile phones are essential business tools for busy executives who are often required to carry sensitive information with them as they move in between their corporate locations. Single-step login with a username and password is weak and can typically be cracked with very little difficulty. The risk increases while connected to social media sites where hackers are waiting for sensitive information and the chance to hijack your company device.

Once in control of the device, thieves will have no problem accessing your sensitive company data. With Protiva ExecProtect, executives can be assured that their portable devices and data are secure – protected by the toughest encryption and access credentials in the world.

Even if the device is lost or stolen it remains secure and cannot be accessed unless all authentication factors are present. The more factors that are introduced, the more secure the computing device. Protiva ExecProtect provides the ability to implement a simple, yet powerful security protocol based on a hardened, encrypted identity device, combined with a PIN or, for an even simpler process, a fingerprint or retina scan. Gemalto offers a portfolio of endpoint security solutions to protect your users without slowing them down with bulky, inconvenient security measures.

For another layer of security, the Protiva ExecProtect can be used with Pre-Boot Authentication(PBA) and Full Disk Encryption(FDE) technology to ensure that the data cannot be accessed even if the device falls into the hands of a sophisticated hacker.