Points of sale (POS)
Tailor-made payment solutions
Customers expect a seamless experience in any channel

With the rise of eCommerce and mobile payment technologies, consumers increasingly demand more transactional flexibility. Our Points of Sale solutions offer seamless integration that reaches far beyond simple transactions. From automated inventory management to data sharing across departments and advanced reward programs, we can improve virtually everything about the way your business processes payments.

Real transactional flexibility
The modern customer relies on numerous payment channels, from traditional (stores and websites) to new and emerging (mobile commerce and social media) while expecting a seamless shopping experience.

That said, managing different payment methods separately can easily become a tedious and time (money?) consuming task.

Most large retailers have embraced the Internet with multichannel sales strategies, including e-commerce, online advertising and product information, specifications and comparisons.

mobile payment


“advanced reward programs”


Thanks to the vision and insight of major POS vendors which have pushed the market towards open standards, one can now select only the best products to build POS stations precisely tailored to their specific needs. As a matter of fact, by making their application programming interfaces (APIs) available to any developer communities, including competitors, those leading companies supported the rise of “multi-vendor integration” in the POS industry. Such inter-compatibility among competing products would allow you, for instance, to integrate into a single (cohesive???) POS station with devices as diverse as a touch-screen display, receipt printer, scales and pole displays, an IP-phone device, or automatic coin dispensers, into one single POS station with no two devices coming from the same distributor. You could even choose to add advanced functionalities to your POS stations such as automated cash register balancing or even real-time synchronization of transactions with your accounting department.

Since modern POS solutions are increasingly moving toward open protocols, it is now easier than ever to automate business operations through data sharing across departments. Thus, complex procedures such as inventory management, work hours tracking, order tracking, or order tracking, can be simplified through cloud technologies. Consider for example the time and energy wasted at a restaurant where waiters have to physically walk down to the kitchen to give orders

Restaurant : from waiters to kitchen to inventory (???)

… all together within a unified system, centrally managed…

Through our major business partner NCR, we can bring you augmented sales control with intelligent and scalable POS Systems. (CHANGE THIS)