Mobile POS Terminals
Proximity and convenience are Key to Customer Satisfaction
Let customers pay at the point of decision

Of course, flawless service levels at the POS are essential to customer satisfaction. But whenever client traffic reaches a certain point, fixed payment stations inevitably end-up creating “check-out lines” (hogs? congestion?). Our Mobile POS Terminals solutions …

Give your customers the best shopping experience...
Optimize your workforce
(We’ve all been to a store where …) When all your POS lanes are open and wait times are still unacceptable, associates with mobile computers can be dispatched to set up as many virtual POS stations as needed, anywhere in the store.

Eliminate wait times at checkout. When having all your POS lanes open can’t keep up with traffic, associates with mobile computers can be dispatched to set up as many virtual POS stations as needed anywhere in the store. Long queues are no longer a concern for your customers. They’re in and out as quickly as possible, and on to the rest of their busy day.

While customers are on their way to the POS, they have the opportunity to abandon the sale. A long checkout line can gives them a chance to change their mind or decide to look for better pricing. When associates can process payment right at the “point of decision”, the opportunity to lose the sale during the trip to the checkout lane is eliminated.

In addition, the wired POS has other downfalls. in retail, a store associate may have provided excellent service, but when the customer must leave the associate to travel to the POS, you create an opportunity to lose the sale — the customer might abandon the sale due to long queues, or simply decide to take more time on the purchase decision. in restaurants, security becomes an issue the moment a credit card is carried away to the POS by the server —the card could be misplaced or the information skimmed for use later by an unscrupulous worker. And in stadiums with mobile vendors who only accept cash, lack of exibility at the POS forces patrons who want to pay by credit or debit cards to leave their seats and travel to the concession stand — or the inconvenience causes a lost sale.

Improve customer convenience: any card, anywhere
Some customers prefer credit cards while others want to use their debit. Some will present their loyalty cards to receive discounts or points, others may use gift cards. With Mobile POS, your customers have the freedom and flexibility to use whatever card or payment method they wish, anywhere in your store — including contactless NFC payments made via their mobile phones.

With a mobile computer, associates can ring up the sale right at the point of decision as well as check pricing and inventory, request delivery of an item that is in the backroom, locate and reserve an out-of-stock item in another store location, up sell additional items and accessories, or even place an order for next-day delivery from the store website. Service is faster than ever before and the opportunity for a lost sale is minimized.

Improve loyalty
In addition, queue busting with Mobile POS can also help increase sales (LOYALTY). As customers discover that there is never a long wait in your store, they will no longer think twice about shopping during peak hours for fear that the queues might be too long.

The last thing your customers do before they leave your establishment is to pay for their purchases. The payment process is the last chance you have during a particular visit to leave a good impression, the last chance you have to impact the customer experience. Shoppers no longer turn around within seconds of entering your store when they spot long checkout queues. Shoppers are less likely to abandon their shopping basket because they simply don’t have the time or patience to keep waiting in line. In addition to increasing sales, the “no-wait checkout line” becomes a part of your brand, a differentiator that sets you apart from the competition.

Since your associates can now provide your customers with true on-the-spot, end-to-end service, shopping in your store couldn’t be easier or faster. There is no shuffling of customers from salesperson to cashier. Your associates have the opportunity to build stronger relationships with your customers that improve customer loyalty. The improved personalized service becomes part of your brand, providing a real competitive advantage.

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