Ethernet Virtual Private Line
Build your own private network
Unified Communications are Efficient Communications
Ethernet can bring unity everywhere your business grows

Do you need to connect your company’s distant sites together? EVPL is a technology that allows you to bypass Internet Service Providers altogether, connecting you directly through telecom companies, giving you the most reliable connection, and allowing you to extend your LAN virtually anywhere expansion brings you.

Technology that works for you

EVPL allows “point-to-multipoint” connectivity at high speed, using the existing equipment of a telecom carrier, or through inexpensive extensions to the existing infrastructure.


From your head quarter’s point-of-view, every branch offices’ networks and your own appear as a unified whole.


The EVPL system automatically chooses the best route available for every data packet revolving within your network, in real time. Should one route fail it will immediately be replaced with minimal disruption.

Telecommunications made simple

Centralizing your networking equipment is a great way to cut back on hardware and maintenance expenses.


EVPL is based on industry-standard, MEF-compliant Ethernet, and supports any application protocol and addressing scheme. It is also more than likely that your existing equipment is already compatible with it!


Whether you want to prioritize certain types of traffic over others, or consolidate previously separate departments onto a single network, with EVPL you can structure your network according to your needs.

Between telecom carriers, wired infrastructures, and your own LAN, there can be many confusing gray areas. Innovitel will assist you at every step, helping you choose the best solutions for your business, and overall make the transition towards a fully integrated EVPL architecture as smooth as possible.