Cyber Security Auditing
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We developed our expertise in IT over years of meticulous work. Dozens of companies across Canada trust our Cyber Security Auditing services to help determine how safe their network really is.

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General Security Audits

Innovitel’s Cyber Security Auditing solution offers a systematic evaluation your company’s IT systems. By assessing the equipment’s configuration, software and location, as well as standard operating procedures and employees’ practices, we can bring your company to compliance with the strictest standards in the industry. As a matter of fact, Innovitel already obtained certifications such as PCI, HIPAA, COBIT, or ISO-29115 for its clients, thanks to its diligence and resourcefulness.

Penetration Testing
Simulating attacks on your IT infrastructure is the ultimate defense against loose-ends. Using cutting-edge intrusion software and techniques Innovitel can reproduce virtually any threat in real time. We then compile information about the means to prevent the attacks that succeeded, so the liabilities can be resolved.

Vulnerability Assessments
Threats to the integrity of your IT systems come in various forms. Some attackers try to infiltrate through digital channels, but others take advantage of lapses in human scrutiny to reach their illicit goals. Mindful of this reality and strong of years of experience working alongside users of the equipment we installed, we offer a comprehensive, multifaceted vulnerability assessment service. Our exhaustive procedures cover both virtual and social engineering risks, so you can block leaks before they occur.

Innovitel has been a trusted provider of Cyber Security Auditing for years. It is the logical continuation of our commitment to excellence in IT solutions.