IT/Telecom Consulting
Let our experience be your success
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Choose long term sustainability for your next big move with Innovitel’s IT/Telecom Consulting. We monitor the latest technological innovations and analyze their comparative advantages, so you can take on the future with only the best products and solutions in the market.

Client-centered approach
Professional Assistance
Whether you need to select a carrier, deploy a VoIP solution, buy an entire set of antennas, or simply want to better integrate emails and agendas into your workflow, Innovitel’s consulting services are there to assist you every step of the way. From costs forecasting to task scheduling and estimation of completion date(s), our team will be there to help you plan every detail thoroughly.

Proven solutions

We partner only with the best hardware and software suppliers, and we use the products we sell. You can therefore be confident the services we propose have been tried, tested, and carefully selected.

Quality control
From the beginning to the end of your project, we will be there to help you monitor and control what is happening. Thanks to our real-time tracking technologies, if any unforeseen problem should arise, we will be able to take action swiftly.

Innovitel’s IT/Telecom Consulting services provide our clients with outstanding solutions for cost reduction, modernization, or any technological endeavor. Since 2008, we have been trusted as consultants by major organizations worldwide. Our expertise and dedication is reflected in every project we deliver.