The Network Architects
Dedicated to deliver nothing less than perfection
Industry leaders in productivity
Straightforward solutions to complex business problems

Established in Gatineau in 2008, Innovitel Corporation was founded on the principle that long lasting business problems had no reason to subsist. Thus, our very existence is characterized by an unceasing eagerness to resolve them.

We see opportunity where others see impossibility

This is the reason why we are devoted to increase the productivity and efficiency of each and every client’s workflow.


At the end of the day, we do this work out because are passionate about technology, and eager to push its limits ever further. Instead of wasting time and money on self-publicity, we focused our entire attention on customer satisfaction. Through the years, this kind of dedication earned us the trust of some of the biggest businesses in Canada.


We believe there are no problems that cannot be resolved through ingenuity, assiduity, and diligence. These are the primary driving forces behind our company, and the source of our success.


From its early beginnings to this day, Innovitel has always been characterized by the notion that no human technology was too complex to be implemented by humans. When the problems we were asked to solve demanded the assistance of devices and methodologies we never came across before, we worked relentlessly to master and integrate them as part of our business offer. Our multi-talented employees are a reflection of this distinguishing attitude.

With its commitment to divergent thinking and its pioneer work with cutting-edge technologies, Innovitel was able to set itself apart as a major player in an industry that doesn’t take no for an answer.